More recombinant protein for your research

Low yield, poor solubility, low activity, and toxic proteins – are some of the challenges that waste time and effort when producing recombinant proteins for research purposes. EnPresso B growth systems overcome these challenges, providing cultivation conditions for bacteria, such as E. coli, that increase yield and provide ‘fit for purpose’ proteins.
Many examples shown here are from independent laboratories – because results (and costs) count.

66-fold more toxic protein

Comparison with a commercially-available LB growth media.
Result courtesy of Thomas Horn, Charité, Berlin, Germany

Target protein: human 15-1 Lipoxygenase Standard LB media EnPresso
Working volume [L] 18 0.5
Final OD600 5-6 20-30
Soluble protein per cultivation volume [mg/L] 0.027 1.8

Induction at higher cell densities increased potential yield before cell death

Highest levels of active, intracellular, single-domain antibodies

Comparison with TB and LB growth media
Results courtesy of Dr. K. Zarschler, Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research, Dresden, Germany

trxB gor mutant strain E. coli SHuffle® T7 [pET-28b: EG2] together with EnPresso produced the highest level of active antibodies (200 mg/L).

Higher cell density and stable pH conditions during an extended-expression phase guaranteed higher productivity of single-domain antibodies compared to standard LB and TB medium.