Revolutionizing the role of microbial cell culture

Growing cells to express proteins may seem just a small step on the way to achieving your research goals, but….

EnPresso growth systems revolutionize the role of microbial cell culture in the research lab, solving the well-recognized problems of low yield and poor quality of recombinant proteins, to make it easier than ever to focus on your research.

Each simple-to-use tablet is packed with our scientist’s experience and knowledge of optimizing large-scale production of recombinants together with innovative EnBase technology. Using only standard laboratory equipment, these small tablets have the power to significantly increase the yield and quality of your recombinant protein.

‘Fit for purpose’ proteins

By providing the key elements to support growth, control pH and regulate glucose availability, cells grow steadily to reach significantly higher densities before induction and continue in linear growth for many hours after induction. Proteins are expressed under optimal metabolic conditions thereby reducing the risk of incorrect folding and increasing the percentage of soluble protein.

Traditional growth media

Protein yield easily compromised by uncontrolled nutrient supply, accumulation of harmful metabolites, oxygen depletion and poor pH control

Limited time window for induction – frequent O.D. measurements

Proteins expressed and modified under sub-optimal metabolic conditions (microbial folding machinery incapable of matching the fast synthesis rate), increasing risk for inclusion bodies

EnPresso growth systems

Cells remain in linear growth under controlled conditions

Cells ready to induce next morning – no O.D. measurement required

Proteins are expressed and modified under optimal metabolic conditions (slower synthesis rate, improved protein folding).